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What's New

Bill Pay now offers a fresh, new, organized look that includes:

-  Paying multiple billers at one time

-  Ability to have a different primary payment account for each biller

-  Easy to view graphs and charts of your payment history

-  Users can create Payee Groups

-  Mobile Friendly via Internet Browser on Mobile Device

-  Easier and cleaner look, feel, and navigation

-  Bill Pay will now recognize available balance (will provide warning if payment is over available balance and will not allow expedited payments that exceed available balance)

-  Demo site

-  And more!!!

Mobile Check Deposit is now available. It's now easier than ever to deposit checks directly to your personal or business checking account with your smart phone.  Click here for more information. Business customers please contact the Treasury Solutions Department at for enrollment assistance.

Account Number Masking.  Our Online Banking system has been enhanced to mask account numbers. This new enhancement will help provide protection of your sensitive data by partially masking account numbers or other sensitive data on screen

Browser Compatibility

To make full use of our Online Banking system we recommend that you always run the latest version of your Internet browser. 

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Alert: Beware of fraudulent requests by email, phone or text message for personal, private or account information and for funds transfer, money orders or prepaid debit cards.

Criminals are always looking for new angles and ways to get your information or trick you into sending them your money.  Social engineering occurs when criminals pretend to be a relative, a friend or a representative from law enforcement, the IRS, the Social Security Administration, a company you have a relationship with or a financial institution and request sensitive information. Recent high profile national retail store data breaches are another reference point used by criminals to get you to let your guard down and share your sensitive information. Be suspicious of every call, email, text or social media interaction.


They will call or email asking you for private information like social security number, passwords, account or credit/debit/prepaid card numbers or request you log into your accounts. The emails or website they sent you to may even look legitimate, pay close attention to addresses: the email or website spelling might be off by only a letter or have a different extension like “.cc” or “.net” instead of “.com” – always be mindful.  A simple text is another way to gain access to your sensitive information.


Fraudsters might call and request a wire transfer posing as a bill collector, ask for an ACH payment pretending to be from the IRS, demand that you purchase a prepaid debit card and read back the information pretending to be a police officer or even ask for a money order while posing as your grandchild in trouble in a far off state.  Always be careful of scammers when you answer the phone, get an email or even on social media networks. 


Beware of foreign lotteries; watch out for people, who wish to buy your goods by overpaying with fraudulent checks asking for the difference in cash; ignore emails phishing for your passwords and account information; look out for threatening callers who demand fast action and quick payments; and remember if a deal sounds too good to be true – it usually is – just hang up, hit delete or walk away. 


NOTE: Marquette Bank will never ask you for sensitive information like your usernames, passwords or payment codes.  Always ignore requests for sensitive information related to your banking and call Marquette Bank’s Customer Service Center at 1-888-254-9500 or email

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